Assisted Carefree Moves & Estate Services


Every day as I move about my home, I think of you and appreciate your skills in moving me so smoothly and I feel the pleasant harmony of my life would not have happened without your excellent organization.  Thank you so much.  There are so many ways to express my appreciation of your Assisted Carefree Moves.  Robin, bless you for working with me and for saving my health by "doing it all" for my move.  ~ Nancy V., Stratford Courts

Robin Stimmel and her assistance in moving was really the difference that got us to our nrew home.  She came in and identified every item in our house, marking each piece and its location on her computer.  Then all items were moved to our new home and set up in exactly the same places as in the old house. We didn't have to lift a finger.  No items were broken, not even scratched.  I doubt if we would have been able to be here without her moving us lock, stock and barrel the way she did.  Great job! ~ Ormie P., Regency Oaks

I am just back to work today and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your help.  We couldn't have done it without you!  Everything was here and easy to go through; you offer such a wonderful service! ~ Valerie B., Asheville, NC

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