Assisted Carefree Moves & Estate Services

Our Services

Getting Started:
    - Visit home for complimentary consultation
    - Determine priorities, special needs and available options
    - Document furniture measurements and digital recording of home 
       and possessions.

Client Proposal:
    - Prepare relocation estimate/proposal
    - Design customized floor plan for new residence
    - Outline timetable and action plan
    - Provide list of pre-screened service providers: realtors,
       movers, appraisers, consignment shops, auction house, etc.

The Process:
    - Organize: sort/tag/itemize all possessions
    - Consult: legal papers
    - Coordinate pick up/distribution of all gifted/non-moveable items
    - Provide professional packing services and itemized list of numbered
       boxes and contents
    - Submit change of address/transfer utilities
    - Interview professional movers - schedule/coordinate arrangements
    - Supervise move out/move in
    - Unpack, organize and coordinate placement of everything
    - Conduct tour of new home with client to show placement of all items

Estate/Moving Sale
     - Written agreement outlining specified services, terms and timeframe
     - Attention to details of merchandise as it is:
            * Sorted, organized and tagged
            * Priced for top dollar sales
            * Staged for shopper enticement
     - Promotion of Estate/Moving Sale and merchandise via email 
        campaign, print publications, and online websites and photo gallery
     - Arrangements to liquidate non-saleable items and house cleanout.

Follow Up Options
    - Coordinate and supervise arrangements at previous residence: 
       clean-up, painting, repairs, trash removal, etc.
    - Coordinate resdesign/staging services to prepare house for sale
    - Assist with turnover to realtor/new owner


    Certified - Bonded - Insured

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